Security Cameras & Surveillance for Your Home and Business

You like to look out for your own, but we can help in a big way. 

Security Cameras are an Integral Part of a Safe Home.

Security cameras and surveillance systems provide us with a bit of peace-of-mind in a world where much is outside of our control. Admit it: there’s nothing more convenient than being able to check in on your property and all of its belongings on your smartphone, even if you’re several time zones away. This is especially true with receiving notifications and being able to take immediate action in deterring trespassing or burglaries. Choose from wireless home security camera systems or our highly recommended hardwired systems, and our equipment will help keep a watchful eye on your home or business year-round.

We Offer Wireless and Hardwired, But We Recommend...

Although we live in a wireless, bluetooth, and cordless age, we often recommended hardwired, or closed, systems over wireless home security camera systems. Even though we offer both selections to our clients, closed systems often give our customers the stability and dependability their home security system deserves with little disruption or lag for unified and uninterrupted security monitoring.

Connect Your Cameras to Your Smart Hub!

Did you know our home security cameras & surveillance systems are yet another smart integration that can connect to the main hub of your smart home or business?

Learn About Smart Integrations

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Business.

Marty’s Lock & Security loves to help businesses with what we know best: locks and security. We have the solutions you need to keep your personnel, property, and equipment secure. Keep an eye on every square-inch of your business with video surveillance and security cameras, which will allow you to monitor productivity, improve safety, reduce liability, and deter crime or theft.

We’re Up-to-Speed, So You Can Be, Too!

How can we be a successful security camera and surveillance company without having our finger on the pulse of the latest technology trends? We keep up-to-date with the latest changes in tech, so our clients can always be in the loop with our industry’s newest innovations. We have the products, features, services, and apps you need to keep all that’s dear to you 100% safe and protected both at home and at your business.